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Saves Time...

GlucoStabilizer's 4-Step approach saves nursing time and reduces potential errors by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to initiate infusions resulting in reduced critical staff time and resources

  • Automating the calculation of an IV insulin dose resulting in reduced potential of dangerous dosing errors

  • Optimizing workflow, increasing efficiencies, and reducing costs

  • Reduce Workload. Improve Care.

In addition to fear of hypoglycemia, one of the biggest obstacles to implementing a glucose control program is the perceived increase in nursing time spent at the bedside due to:

  • Increased blood glucose sampling

  • Increased checking of protocol

  • Increased insulin changes

  • Increased documentation, etc.

GlucoStabilizer reduces caregiver workload by:

  • Removing the need for manual calculations

  • Reducing documentation efforts through EMR interfacing and true networking capability

  • Optimizing testing frequency in stabilized patients



Efficiency of GlucoStabilizer vs. Paper Protocols

The table shown indicate the benefits of automating the insulin dosing process rather than using paper protocols. The goal is a stabilized patient in the safest amount of time. The GlucoStabilizer achieves stability and reduces testing to Q2 hours in a majority of patients. In the table below compares GlucoStabilizer data to two published articles (see footer at end of table) looking at nurse workload and performance related to glucose control protocols. How does your hospital compare?

Efficiency Parameters

Paper protocol*

Paper protocol**


ICU Patients- # used for calculation of subsequent data calculation

Not indicated in source



Total BG measurements (n)


454 (9-20/patient)


Time for Initiation of an infusion (minutes + SD)

Not indicated in source

32.56 + 12.83

8.2 + 3.2

Time for glucose measurement,

insulin dose calculation and dose adjustment (minutes + SD)

4.72 + 1.13

10.65 + 3.24

3.2 + 1.1

Glucose measures reduced to Q2 hrs.

Not indicated in


Not indicated in



of measures

Training Parameters

Paper protocol*

Paper protocol**


Nursing Training time 35 minutes 35 minutes 10 minutes

* Aragon D, American Journal of Critical Care (July 2006);15:370-377 ** Maleskar et al., American Journal of Critical Care (Nov 2007), 16(6): 589-598 *** Clarian Data, on file at Medical Automation Systems, Inc. This data was researched and produced by The Epsilon Group ( and published in the November 2008 issue of their Epsilon Evidentia newsletter.


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