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Reduces Hypoglycemia..

GlucoStabilizer manages dosing, stabilizes glucose levels and reduces hypoglycemia risk by:

  • Programming safety features for hypoglycemia awareness

  • Taking into consideration an individual patient’s sensitivity to insulin

  • Decreasing the time required to achieve and maintain blood glucose targets

  • Eliminating rebound hypoglycemia with patient specific recommendations for 50% dextrose


Results in the Surgical ICU:


In this before and after graph below, Tufts NEMC reduced their average patient glucose results in their ICU by more than 23%, with less hypoglycemia, following the implementation of GlucoStabilizer. .






Achieving Glucose Control:


In the graph shown, which included 192,956 ICU glucose readings and 2,509 patients using GlucoStabilizer, 87.9% fell within a range of 71-150mg/dL with a hypoglycemic rate of just 0.13%.




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