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Reduces Errors..

GlucoStabilizer manages dosing, stabilizes glucose levels and reduces errors by:

  • Automatically calculating IV insulin doses based on an individual patient's response

  • Requiring nursing confirmation and documents with initials to improve dosing safety.

  • Eliminating the variations in how nurses interpret paper protocols and calculate the insulin dose

  • Including a wide range of HIPAA related settings ensure patient confidentiality on all screens


In “Deadly Errors Made in Intensive Care”1 of the 38,000 reported mistakes, insulin was the single most common medication associated with errors due to overdosing and underdosing.




Reduce Potential for Errors and Paper Protocol Complexity

GlucoStabilizer removes the potential for errors associated with paper protocols through a simple process:

  1. Test Blood Glucose;

  2. Enter Glucose;

  3. Adjust Drip Rate as directed;

  4. IF HYPO, dose D50 as recommended


1.John P. Santell, MS, RPh, Rodney W. Hicks, MSN, MPA, Judy McMeekin, From the Center for the Advancement of Patient Safety, U.S. Pharmacopeia, Rockville, Maryland. Journal of Pharmacy Practice, April 1, 2006; 19(2): 124 - 130.
2.Proceedings from The Seventh Conference, The Cardinal Health Center for Safety and Clinical Excellence. June 7-8, 2007, San Diego, CA, Philip J. Schneider, MS, FASHP, Editor.




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